Leaders of high growth companies – create the conditions

This week I have seen myself operating at both ends of the high growth company spectrum. At one end a start-up entrepreneur with a great idea and intention to build a £5M business in five years. At the other end the MD of a £100M global company wanting to achieve £200M over the coming three years. What captured my attention with both the leaders of these businesses was their excitement when they talked about their companies and their idea. Their passion manifested into an almost magnetic force that draws others into their world. Both individuals at opposite ends of the size spectrum had two things in common – massive ambition and enthusiasm.

Surely all leaders of ambitious companies should exhibit this visible commitment to what they do and what they are about. It creates the right atmosphere and conditions within the organisation because staff and other stakeholders will mirror the behaviour of the leader. Energy, drive and passion of leaders is what builds momentum and indeed a culture of innovation. Without it everything seems so flat and dreary!



2 Responses to Leaders of high growth companies – create the conditions

  1. Steve Heneghan says:

    I completely agree with your sentiments about the “passionate” leader, this can be completely infectious and my additional thoughts on this are that there might be a time on the leaders journey when “wisdom” becomes an important part of the mix. I don’t mean this as an age thing, wisdom can come at any age, I mean in terms of being able to stand back and “work ON the business, not always IN the business”.
    This also means setting a clear vison that is then communicated and bought into by all stakeholders.
    That Energy, enhusiasm and passion is fantastic and motivates the whole team, and the leader need to make sure that they are not the only one with the routemap in their head 🙂
    Good blog John, keep it up.

  2. johnleachwp says:

    Hi Steve – thanks for the response. Like the concept of wisdom – so true. Sometimes you just know when something is right!

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