High Growth Foundation

I have been talking about this for so long that we now have a date for its launch – 19th May. I have set up the Foundation as a resource for those 1,700 entrepreneurs we have worked with who want to take their business to the next level. An ongoing networking opportunity with like-minded individuals is in such demand. It’s a sort of “How to…..” approach with supporting tools to help entrepreneurs move their business forward. The qualification criterion is to “have fire in the belly”.

I really want to create a forum where solutions are provided to those common challenges that growth businesses face, but you cant get them in a text book or management course. We all face them every day of the week.

I am delighted to have the support of Peter Cowgill Chairman of JD Sports plc along with MCR, George Davies Solicitors LLP and Cowgill Holloway. Together we are looking to get grass roots advice and help into these future stars.

The key Must do messages to members of the HGF are:

1. Be clear on what you want for you and your business – Vision
2. Take action otherwise you will stand still – Momentum
3. Ensure you have the right mix of skills, thinkers, doers, controllers and sellers – An Effective Team
4. Get everyone bought into your vision and show the way – Leadership
5. Embrace new ways of doing things – Innovation
6. Spend time with your customers – Live In The Customers World
7. Avoid ‘me too’ propositions – Develop Differentiated Products & Services
8. Balance entrepreneurial flair with tight financial and business controls – Disciplined Entrepreneurship
9. Accept the roller coaster ride of business – Embrace Change
10. It can be a lonely place – Find A Mentor


2 Responses to High Growth Foundation

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    John, I know its not new but this list of Must Do’s for High Growth are compelling. How about framing them and giving them to all HG Foundation members to hang on their wall. Its really powerful and should be up front, loud and proud every day as a constant reminder. Sorry to suggest spending your money!! Geoff

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Geoff – I am sort of looking to do this – will send you a copy of what we have planned over the coming couple of weeks Regards John

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