A Sense Insecurity Can Drive Performance

Interesting that the feeling of insecurity is an important driver for many successful entrepreneurs. The very thought of failure or getting things wrong can become an important motivator because the individual fears:

1. Looking stupid in front of their peers

2. The demotivating feeling of failure

3. Letting others down – friends, family, colleagues, staff

When insecurity is balanced with a strong sense of ambition, momentum is often the resultant effect. Personal intentions become deeply engrained within our mindset and forward thinking strategies manifest into an invisible yet highly potent force – things get done, action orientation over shadows any negativity. Insecurity is a grounding force and avoids letting ego take control. When the latter gets hold, I think its very dangerous place to be as a feeling of invincibility often kicks. In turn you end up taking your eye off the ball, this can have a disastrous result.

As most of my blogs try to point out balance in most things is vital (easy to say, hard to do) too much insecurity can lead to lack of self worth, inactivity – the fog quickly emerges and inertia results.

The High Growth Foundation launch this week with its highly respected panelists demonstrated just how powerful humility (resulting from a little insecurity) can be in engaging both an audience and those around them. Just a big shame that TV programmes pushing arrogance and know it all attitudes are still being watched by millions. Whilst it makes good TV viewing for some, I am afraid it’s not how it really is. We must avoid breeding the wrong behaviours for the next generation of start-ups and gazelles!

One Response to A Sense Insecurity Can Drive Performance

  1. Harry says:

    I completely agree with this. If I didn’t have the insecurity of running my own company, I could just get away with the security of being an employee.

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