Two Greedy Italians – What can growth companies learn?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but this programme was totally captivating. I thought it would be just another cookery programme, but it was so much more. It brought a  new format to food related viewing. It was a fusion of ideas, almost an eclectic mix of personal experience, life stories, comedy, autobiography, social observation and travel, which all together created a programme that connected with some 2M viewers. This rich mixture resulted in a point of difference from many of the others. It was engaging and a brilliant watch, the secret was the emotional engagement with those sat in front of the telly.

The high growth companies I work with actively engage in what the producers of the “Two Greedy Italians” have done. They practice the art of differentiated thinking and idea fusion to give a unique experience. Companies that have done this include: – combine online retailing with robotics

Lucozade (SKB) – combined a medicinal drink with celebrity athlete Daley Thompson which opened up a new world of performance drinks

Innocent Drinks – combines fruit drinks with fun and lifestyle

Haynes Manual – extended their brand of how to fix your car to other areas such as how to be a great parent…..and many more

By combining different ideas with a core offering, high growth companies stand out from the crowd. In an age where competition is fierce, growth wish entrepreneurs must investigate how they bring new ideas together to deliver both an engaging and emotional experience. The Two Greedy Italians can give ambitious individuals food for thought!


4 Responses to Two Greedy Italians – What can growth companies learn?

  1. exportersinexile says:

    It’s spelled ‘Locozade’ not ‘Lucazade’!

  2. exportersinexile says:

    But a good point well made. Even though I haven’t seen the tv programme.

  3. thanks for subbing this series! definitely top 5 in my list.

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