8 out of 10 individuals have no faith in their leaders

This was an interesting piece of research I picked up today. Not sure of the source but I have heard it quoted before – an amazing 8 out of 10 people have little faith in their leaders. My view is that a leaders life can be a very, very lonely one, an existence often plagued by uncertainty and challenge, particularly in difficult economic times. Those individuals that have the courage to go out and start their own business regularly find themselves with a whole raft of unfamiliar issues to sort out. Ones that no course or workshop could ever train them to deal with.

This gives rise to the whole issue of followership. My recommendation to those who constantly judge their leaders is, give them a bit of space and look at things from their point of view. Many of the successful entrepreneurs I have worked with have benefitted from a close network of colleagues who follow, help and contribute to problem solving they act as a crutch in time of need. The last thing they would ever do is back bite and constantly judged what and how their leader goes about their business, they add value and support forward thinking strategies.

Maybe the 8 out of 10 should try it for themselves and see how it feels? Growth can be a lonely ride.

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