John Ashcroft – Delivered a great High Growth Foundation Event

It’s been a great week for the High Growth Foundation. To a packed crowd John Ashcroft delivered a massively honest, and insightful presentation for ambitious entrepreneurs. It was a great story with loads of valuable lessons for those looking to get their business to the next level – he warned the audience “an IPO is not an exit strategy”, I know this saved one HGF member loads of time/effort and energy as he was just about to embark on one!

His key messages were:

  • Vision – define just exactly what you want (marketing, MD, Chair, City Whizz)
  • Business plan – analysis of what you have got and what you need it
  • Market map – a complete framework analysis or jigsaw
  • Building the team – the art of biting your tongue without drawing blood.
  • Develop the culture  – Is this the business I work in. Sharing the vision
  • Corporate strategy understand the basics

What I took from John’s excellent presentation was the importance of understanding your market, the environment and what’s happening, it brought to life the real meaning of Living in Your Customers World. Understanding yourself, competitors and market place do actually create the conditions for winning. When this is fused with tight financial, operational and commercial control – as Jim Collins puts it disciplined entrepreneurship results.

It also taught me that without mavericks the world is a boring place and nothing gets done – we need more of them.

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