High Growth Companies – “Sell the Love”

Yesterday morning I spoke to a fantastic group of ambitious high growth SMEs. The theme was how do growth businesses embrace a winning approach to selling. My aim was to dispel some of the myths that go with this notoriously challenging dimension of business growth. Other key messages included, superior and sustained sales growth is achieved when there is clarity in the business model, strong team ethos, robust processes and systems linked to clearly differentiated propositions.

We also discussed what makes great selling at the coal face. When you love, believe in and are passionate about what you are offering it creates an energy and customers will very often tune into messages at an emotional level. If you don’t love what you are offering don’t expect the customer to.  Only last week my philosophy of selling from within was summed up wonderfully by a delegate at another event, she said “my best sales performances are when I get the opportunity to just talk about what we do and how we add value”. The era of the hard sell is over, the order of the day is building customer relationships through partnerships and collaboration. It is vital to embrace this mindset when you turn up to your customers. Dont let them think you are only there to flog them something.


One Response to High Growth Companies – “Sell the Love”

  1. P says:

    There is an interesting balancing act in selling.

    On the one hand there is the enthusiasm that is generated by talking about something you are passionate about.

    The balance needed is to make sure that it doesn’t only become a “me-me-me” monologue and focuses on what the customer actually needs and wants.

    This balance is more difficult to achieve than it is to say.
    If you spend too much time talking about yourself you alienate your audience, despite the passion.
    If you drop the passion and dumbly listen to the customer you also alienate them.


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