High Growth Entrepreneurs – The 5P’s of getting things done

For so many years we have had the 4P’s of marketing thrust upon us – to be honest I have always felt it to be a load of old nonsense. If you are looking to grow your business, explore new opportunities deliver new ideas or drive change try the 5P’s of getting things done:

Passion – believe in what you are trying to achieve and show it. Deliver your thoughts from the heart with both barrels. Be authentic and communicate it with feeling. Nobody likes a thin veneer.

Persuasion – driving change or getting new ideas off the ground means you must convince others to your way or thinking. Whilst you may be passionate about what you want, don’t always think others get it, we all see things through different windows – look at it from the audiences perspective seek the win – win

Persistence – do not assume that people have heard what you have said – keep reinforcing your message till it gains momentum with those you need to influence- your idea, your message, the reason for change. The reality is no one ever hears what you say first time round. Just tell, tell, tell!

Perspiration – building a business can be like participating in  a marathon,  loads of preparation beforehand then keep going till you reach the finishing line. Endurance is a vital quality when running your own company. At times you lose the will and coping with the ups and downs can be draining, when this happens shift your focus to how good it will feel when you get the medal.

Positioning – makes sure your messages are memorable and stand out from the crowd. If you are “me too” then dont be surprised if others either don’t listen or take you serious. Always look to postion what you have with an edge, always seek out the wow factor

So the next time you hear the 4P’s of marketing, think again, great in the classroom, but means very little when you are trying to fill the till or drive change or pitch new ideas. Think about the alternative 5P’s – it will move you on much faster.


One Response to High Growth Entrepreneurs – The 5P’s of getting things done

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    Hi John, this one reminded me of an initial meeting I had with a HG client. We were doing a simple SWOT and trying to identify what they were really exceptional at (a la Jim Collins) in order to develop a potential winning edge. The MD just said…Procrastination… I was speachless for a few seconds as I tried to work out the challenge. ahead. But when you think about it what an easy challenge…Nike already did it for me…”JUST DO IT” The discipline to do what you have to do when you have to do it no matter how you feel. Thanks for the remider. Good luck with everything. Geoff

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