Create a crisis and focus on consequences

One of the biggest challenges leaders of high growth companies face is the need to embrace change, so often imposed by markets, customer needs, technological or political demands. As John Henry Newman stated “to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often” 

Reluctance to change is a major cause of organisational inertia and its the leaders role to make sure that the business sets a new course when the warning signs or opportunities are presented. Making this happen is easier said than done, it takes time, effort, energy and the whole experience can be draining.

Effective leaders I have met use consequences and create a crisis to help lubricate the wheels of change. They make real the outcomes of not embracing new ways of working or doing things. Whist they may seem brutal, very often the consequences of not changing are fact of life – company goes under, losing competitive advantage, losing long-standing customers, redundancy, losing money, failure to capitalise on big opportunities, lost business…..

Creating a crisis and demonstrating with clarity the impact of not doing things differently for the greater good, both personally and organisationally can be a fantastic wake up call for change!






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