Liverpool – a global city

The scale and potential of Liverpool as a truly global City hit home to me last week when I was at Princes Dock. Sat in a meeting room on the third floor of the building directly opposite, looking straight ahead was the Queen Mary 2 – an impressive sight is really an understatement. Exiting the cruise liner were hundreds of tourists, off to see the sights of the City. Then on Saturday, the same, another cruise liner, with loads of people getting ready to go and spend the money in the City.

There has been much debate about Liverpool being a “turnaround” port – the place where cruises start and end. Whilst I understand the issues surrounding competition and State support, Liverpool has so much to offer, the attractions, Albert Dock, Tate, Museum and its heritage blows the socks off Southampton.

The impact of Liverpool turnaround status on jobs, new business starts, facilitating growth of existing companies and the tourist economy would be amazing. Starting my holiday in Southampton or Liverpool….not a difficult choice. Lets get this in the North…

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