Global Brands – Did they take part in recession?

The Autumn statement provided depressing news for many households and entrepreneurs trying to build a future. Running a business is hard enough without listening to Euro crisis problems, poor growth forecasts and a recovery in the dim and distant future. The resultant effect of the Chancellors statement for many will be – baton down the hatches and reduce investment in people development and new ideas. This becomes a self fulling prophecy and usually you get what you think about.

There are always different ways to view the world, we can be a builder or destroyer of our own future. Well my advice is life is too short for two years of life to evaporate, i.e sitting there and waiting for economic recovery to happen, we should embrace a mindset of not taking part in the recession. Scarcity is the mother of innovation and history tells us that some of the most successful brands on the planet started or thrived during recessionary times here are just a few examples:

General Electric – Not only did Thomas Edison set this Company up in the middle of a recession it thrived when the US economy faced collapse.

IBM – Set up in the middle of a US economy slump

General Motors – set up during the US financial crash of 1908 and went on a buying spree when the Federal Reserve was approaching melt down

Disney – really started to take off smack bang in the middle of the Great Depression

Burger King – started just after the Korean war, its founders philosophy being people still need to eat

Microsoft – Started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 when the United States was mired in stagflation -the combination of rising unemployment and inflation combined with stagnant GDP

CNN – Started when the Federal Reserve made the decision to aggressively raise interest rates to curb inflation, it caused a “double dip” recession

Apple– Apple got its start in 1975, during another downturn and thrived just after the dot-com bubble burst!

So the message is…Its not all bad news, it’s about having a vision and mindset to create something special and different. Whilst we must avoid putting our head in the sand and thinking all is OK, we must find a balance – place one foot firmly on the accelerator and have the other hovering over the brake!

4 Responses to Global Brands – Did they take part in recession?

  1. Oli Randell says:

    Hi John,

    I absolutely agree & sense how passionate you are about this!!

    I recently read “How They Started in Tough Times”, which chronicles the stories of LinkedIn, Mumsnet, Specsavers,, Jane Asher, HP, Penguin Books (in total 25 companies) all of whom started and thrived during a recession.

    The stories describe how they recruited, found office space & agreed printing deals at lower cost, whilst differentiating from established competitors, thus using the recession to their advantage.


    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Oli – bang on mate, the time is now. If you dont go for it you end up spending the twilight years of your life thinking….if only I would have…and how many of us are so guilty of this?
      See you soon John

  2. Geoff Balfour says:

    Right on John, we need to get moving to change the mindsets somehow. Its so sad how much attention is paid to such negativity and as you say it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Time to get into gear and move things onward and upward. Need to get you on the TV screens somehow. Build your profile around Salford Media City and get you ivited onto a few discussions on TV and Radio. Get your PR team into gear! Geoff

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