High Growth Foundation Wow Event – Insights from Google

What an absolutely fantastic High Growth Foundation event the other night at the Imperial War Museum. Led by Michael Taylor with his usual charm, wit and insight, we had a great line up of speakers who had fantastic and inspirational stories to tell. Steve Oliver and his Music Magpie venture is a real one to watch in the Region, and success could not be more deserved, a really nice bloke. Steve speaks from the heart and his views on creating a loyal workforce with a culture of graft were well received. Deepak Jayaraman from Goldman Sachs articulated the benefits of mentoring and how the 10,000 small business programme can help in this regard.

Alexis Giles delivered a fantastic key-note and shared with over 200 delegates Google’s rules for building an innovative culture and gosh were they powerful, here they are:

  1. Ideas come from everywhere – everyone has a place at the table
  2. Share everything you can – create a culture of sharing new thoughts, no idea is a bad idea
  3. Hire smart people – they create a challenging culture
  4. Chase your dreams – create 20% thinking time
  5. Innovation is not instant perfection – have a go and refine
  6. Data is apolitical – provide the fact to evidence potential
  7. Creativity loves constraint – draws out new ideas quick
  8. Users not money – money follows the eyes
  9. Don’t kill projects, morph them – iterate till you get it right

Alexis was a real star performer and delivered some real value to businesses with a passion to grow. One of the nuggets I took away was the importance of embedding processes and systems as a company grows. Google are a shining example of how an innovative culture fused with discipline delivers excellence. The lack of processes and systems is what so often stunts growth, innovation on its own is not enough.

Alexis and the Google story was an inspiration for ambitious people – so chuffed she will be hosting our  study tour at Google’s Mountain View complex in March 2012 – what an experience that will be. Its not all doom and gloom.

5 Responses to High Growth Foundation Wow Event – Insights from Google

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    Couldn’t agree more John, an absolute belter. Thanks for writing down the notes… inspirational…I’ll use them over and over again. Thanks also for such a great event and developing the High Growth Foundation vision. Keep going…

  2. Jennie Morgan says:

    Absolutely. Truly an inspiring and thought provoking evening. Thank you for organising such a high calibre of speakers, more please!

  3. Alexis Giles says:

    Thanks to John for having me and for all the great people who have been in contact following the event. I promise I’ll get back to you all once I get home. Looking forward to seeing some of you soon on the West Coast!

    • johnleachwp says:

      Brilliant – thanks Alexis we have had a massive reply to the journey – hopefully this will stimulate a “Google” type of business in the UK – see you soon John

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