Business Coaching for Growth

High growth companies will deliver the jobs

The research clearly shows that a small number of ambitious businesses create a large proportion of new jobs. Vibrant economies are built on a foundation of high growth businesses, those set up by individuals with great ideas, passion and a desire to fulfil their full potential – we need more of them because they are the job generators of tomorrow! Also referred to as gazelles because of the speed at which they grow, these companies achieve growth rates of a minimum of 20% per annum over a three-year period. They emerge from both hi technology and mature sectors, can be small or large and they exist in all parts of the country.

Doing things differently is the thread that runs throughout the fabric of high growth businesses; typically they innovate and create new experiences in the market place. They stand out from the crowd and enjoy the enviable position of a differentiated business model not totally dependent on being the cheapest. They focus on the needs of staff, customers and shareholders in this order. Founders and teams are driven by making a personal and professional difference – this is what makes high growth companies so special.

If we are going to create more jobs then energy, effort and resources must be directed into supporting gazelle minded entrepreneurs, this means

  • Providing tailored advice to meet their demanding and specific needs
  • Speaking to them in language they understand, free from jargon and action orientated
  • Fast tracking them to trusted commercial networks, ones that have a direct impact on commercial performance

Getting these conditions right will to allow more entrepreneurs to flourish. More jobs means more high growth businesses. The new Business Coaching for Growth service supported by BIS will play a pivotal role in unearthing and accelerating the performance of ambitious forward thinking companies.

Winning Pitch is delighted to be part of the Consortium leading the support for high growth companies. Along with Grant Thornton, Pera and Oxford Innovation this service we will deliver a step change in business support.

4 Responses to Business Coaching for Growth

  1. So true John – our client base is all entrepreneurial and they are having some of their best years ever! Well done on your new consortium offerings – am sure they will be well received, Lis

  2. Geoff Balfour says:

    Ready when you are John…time to make a difference again…lets get moving, Geoff

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