Controlled lunacy – a recipe for growth

Are you MAD? This is often the reaction friends and family give when someone says they are off to set up their own business. Giving up the security of a well paid job and entering the unknown is often seen as a bonkers thing to do. Well if this is madness we need more lunatics. Very often seeing things that others cant is the first sign of going off the rails, however it’s also a trait of entrepreneurs who have a vision or calling to go it alone. A burning idea, new product or a solution they have found to a commercial problem. So often entrepreneurs see things that others cant!

One word of caution, this lunacy must be controlled and a safety net provided with solid advice, sound coaching to ensure all the cogs of finance, compliance, systems and processes are in place. So important, otherwise the wheels come off. Control that madness.

4 Responses to Controlled lunacy – a recipe for growth

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    John, is this a personal message about how you are feeling???
    I once saw a quote attributed to Marrio Andretti the formula one driver. “If you feel you are in control you are not trying hard enough” Controlled madness. Good luck with all your expansions John, you have a fantastic team around you and you are living everything you are saying.Thanks for sharing. Geoff

  2. Sean Murphy says:

    Nice comment John, good to meet you again the other day.

    I would rather be in the asylum than being in the prison of day to day employment controlled by the warden/boss.

    Sean Murphy

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