High Growth, Charles Darwin and Silicon Valley

Entrepreneurial high growth leaders can extract an enormous amount of insight from the great man himself, Charles Darwin. The ability to embrace change is such a vital ingredient to the recipe for accelerated performance.  Growing a company can sometimes feel like a fight for survival and there is so much evidence to suggest that those who adapt and change come out the other end fitter, stronger and more competitive.

This week I having been ranting on about the importance of nurturing better leadership skills. Companies will grow and create more jobs only when their founders fine tune their ability to build a strong team based ethos. Growing a business requires the essentials of both personal and business change, the former being the precursor to developing a thriving and winning environment. The requirement of the individual to embrace with confidence new situations and challenges is key.

On the theme of developing more ambitious leaders, this week marks a very important landmark for the High Growth Foundation. We are taking 18 entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley to see how businesses such as LinkedIn and Google grew to the size they are – global superstars whose leaders truly embraced the the power of change. My mate and highly distinguished journalist Michael Taylor will be out there with the group – reporting on what he’s observing the best do. Hopefully these insights will help not only the delegates but also other members of the Foundation and our broader community to nudge their bar of ambition to a higher level.






2 Responses to High Growth, Charles Darwin and Silicon Valley

  1. Jill White says:

    Hi John

    just left you a message – this looks like a great trip. We’re doing some research with Sheffield University re Gazelles and I know Andrea Cropley (nabarros) suggested we get together some time ago. I ‘m Liverpool bound tomorrow – just wondered if you were around at the GEC? Would be good to have a catch up. Also interested in the growth programme too post Exemplas. Would be good to catch up. Call/mail/tweet me if you get chance 07710 452390, jill@andyhanselman.com, @jilltywhite

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Jill – thanks for the message. I will be at GEC my number is 07768 740052. in meetings rest of the day. Hopefully see you tomrw Regards John

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