To be in service of a core mission

Building a great business means that you should not only chase new orders but also stick close to the purpose and indeed “what you are in service of…..”

If all you do is chase orders and money then be sure that at some point your reputation will become tarnished and you will send out a clear message to the market – basically, you don’t care. Focusing on “what you are in service of….” will send a clear message to customers, you want to do a great job. They will then go on and tell all their mates, just how good you are!

A friend of mine is a painter and decorator, he describes himself to be in service of making people really proud of the homes they live in. You have never seen anyone more passionate about wall paper, gloss and emulsion in your life. His order book is full for the next twelve months, his company is well respected and he has never once advertised for work. Reputation and delivering a great customer experience is what growing a business is all about. Don’t short change anyone by “failing not to be in service of…..”



One Response to To be in service of a core mission

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    Absolutely John, Don’t chase the money, find ways to make their lives easier or better. Excellent message for business success.

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