Entrepreneurship in the public sector

This morning I experienced a great example of public sector entrepreneurship. We recently moved to Salford Quays next to Media City (new location of the BBC) – one of the key attractions was to be close to the digital expertise located in the area and indeed the Media department of Salford University. Why? can any business overlook the benefits this new digital age will bring?

All well and good, however business growth only takes place when conversations and personal relationships gather momentum, trust is built and mutual respect results. Critical non essentials such as courtesy, humility and just caring are so often overlooked in the teaching in business schools and the books they encourage us to read.

Back to the point, having been in our new office for only 1 week a call came into us from Salford City Council – Matthew Lynn, one of the Economic Development Officers. Can I come in and talk to you about how we can help? Firstly, I was astounded that they knew we were coming and secondly, today a meeting with Matthew clearly demonstrated:

– Customer focus

– An interest in what we do

– An explanation of what services the Council can offer

– The introductions they can make to partners

– Details of networking opportunities

– Opportunities to work together (win-win)

I was left with an overwhelming sense of entrepreneurial flair and what I call living in the “Customers World”. Top stuff, I was inspired to see that both an individual and the Council had a genuine interest in us. The start of a great relationship (I hope) – who said the public sector is not entrepreneurial!



4 Responses to Entrepreneurship in the public sector

  1. Phil Cowper says:

    Matthew sounds like a younger version of me! To be memorable you have to not only be knowledgeable, enterprising, personable and deliver what you said you would…….you also need to have and to share an inner enthusiasm which rubs off on everyone you meet. up with.Good to hear he is of help and that the office move went well….catch up soon.

  2. johnleachwp says:

    Hey mate can anyone have the energy of Phil C Q

  3. Geoff Balfour says:

    “Critical Non Essentials” I recognise that phrase…Dr Paddy Lund, “Building a Happiness Centred Business”. Excellent, fits you like a glove.

    • johnleachwp says:

      So right Geoff – why would anyone want to go a place that made them feel unhappy or why would a leader want to create such a culture – the dark ages. So much of this stuff needs to get onto the MBA programmes. The economy would have probably avoided the crash if this philosophy would have been embraced. unfortunately greed prevailed ! Cheers mate John

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