The extra mile – no traffic jam there

Putting in the minimum amount of effort to a task to achieve a satisfactory result is a behaviour associated with individuals who have little or no ambition. Successful entrepreneurs take nothing for granted, they realise that through hard work and loyal commitment to their personal intentions they may from time to time have to put in extra hours or do things that may feel punishing to either their mind or body – quite often both. I see lack of ambition in many businesses I meet, almost inertia. The economy needs more big/different thinkers.

My experience is that very few people are willing to push themselves physically and emotionally to over deliver- just doing enough to get by, does my head in. A clock on clock off mentality – delivers business as usual if you are lucky. A Just Do It attitude delivers a winning performance. This maybe working a weekend to complete an important project, staying late at the office to help colleagues complete a critical bid, or investing in a loss leading idea to get you noticed – winners do more.  Going the extra mile to please customers is an extremely important behaviour to exhibit, you become respected by your peer group and the opportunities for growth is enhanced because others become engaged by your level of commitment.

You will place yourself well ahead of the competition when you do more than what was expected of you. It is also extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. The mindset of going the extra mile helps when:

  • You want to make a great first impression with a customer (you only get one chance to do this)
  • You want to win an important contract
  • You have an ambition to exhibit the gazelle growth profile
  • You are operating in a crowded market place
  • You want to build value in your business not just a wage
  • You want to maintain the edge on competition

Think deeply about what you want to achieve and accept that by conditioning your mind to embrace the philosophy of doing more you will become evermore successful purely by outperforming others. This mental programming becomes an integral part of your behaviour and winning becomes a habit.

There is no traffic jam on the extra mile – a mindset more entrepreneurs needs to embrace.


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