Breaking new ground – Gazelle mindset

I am delighted to announce that Winning Pitch in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University’s Centre for Enterprise have set up a new initiative to research and understand “Gazelle Thinking”. Together we have secured ESRC funds to explore this fascinating area of business growth – more specifically how does the ambitious fast growing entrepreneur think? It is our intention to create an innovative and practical set of tools and techniques which can then be coached and transferred to individuals wanting to grow their business faster. The ultimate impact we hope will be the stimulation of more job generators and wealth creators. What does the economy need? – more high growth businesses – (see

This is a fantastic example of how private sector and HE can collaborate to generate new knowledge and drive innovation. The mindset has never featured in public sector policy on enterprise and entrepreneurship, this gives us the opportunity to demonstrate just how important getting your head into gear is to setting up and growing a business.

I am extremely excited about where this will lead. We need bigger thinking disruptive entrepreneurs to put momentum into their dreams – to get on and just do it. Ambition, drive, mental toughness and resilience are essential ingredients for success in business – working with Professor Lynn Martin and Dr Clare Schofield we will design and create the mindset toolbox that will enthuse entrepreneurs to bed in a way of thinking that delivers personal and entrepreneurial success

4 Responses to Breaking new ground – Gazelle mindset

  1. Well done John, great news that MMU are looking at the practical side of entrepreneur thinking as well as the academic side. it’s exciting to see innovative thinking from MMU.

  2. Excellent news John. The less said about what that says about other HE institutes the better.

  3. Gazelle mindet is truly an Entrepreneurial mind set and cannnot be manufactured or can it be taught?

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Karen – that age old debate. I think an entrepreneurial “switch” lies within everyone. The reality is not everyone decides to flick it on. The quality of the teacher/mentor is critical – the fact is that entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes, extravert/introverts, flamboyant, very quite…….John

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