Creating the conditions for high growth

So what are the secret ingredients of high growth and gazelle performance? The reality is, there is no one formula that we can use to flick the switch for superior performance. My experience is that a blend of commercial, human and financial factors all feature in the jigsaw. The GrowthAccelerator programme that Winning Pitch is delighted to be a core deliverer of continues to help build insight into the gazelle makeup and our work with Manchester Metropolitan University will enhance our understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset.

In my experience one of the dominant features of fast-moving organisations is the positive, innovative and forward thinking cultures leaders build. Great leaders create an atmosphere and conditions that allow people and creativity to flourish, this builds momentum and releases an invisible force making almost anything possible.

Economic growth and revival of the job market will be very much dependant on increasing the number of visionary leaders who generate an ambience of enthusiasm and ambition – a culture of winning and success.

My own experience of those leaders who create such vibrant cultures is that they:

1. Are passionate almost obsessive about their business – they love what they do and this rubs of on staff and colleagues

2.Have clarity on what they want to achieve, this clarity delivers purpose and intention – more importantly it drives action (where there is no vision the people perish)

3.Constantly communicate aspiration and direction of travel.

4. Encourage openness and new ideas allowing everyone to feel part of the journey

5.Align individuals passions with the strategy of the business – the right people sat in the right seats

6.Value and recognise individuals hard work, effort, attainment and commitment

7.Recognise that work should be a fun place to be and given that we spend half of our lives on the job –  everyone has the right to have a laugh

8.Create reward structures which address individual needs

9.Build a learning environment and a framework for personal development and growth

10.Eradicate negativity through self policed company values that everyone buys into

Blending the above with a great proposition, well-managed finances/ processes and a customer centric approach help to build foundations for  growth and long term value. More importantly it goes along way to producing a company where everyone wants to get out of bed and go to work. If you feel like screaming when the alarm goes off – whether leader or not its time to go and do something different.


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