We all need an anchor

What stops you from drifting into the unknown? Your anchor keeps you close to the shore – if you are ambitious you need to be clear on what helps you stay on track – something to hold on to when things don’t go the way you want them to. Your anchor is also your escape, a place to go to when everything around you appears to be imploding. Anchors are a place of refuge, normality and comfort:

-Holiday and time away from the day job

-A friend and mentor

-The countryside, a place of tranquility

-A walk with the dog (Buddy)

-Time with the family

-Your religion/faith

-A hobby, that deflects from normality

-Sport/exercise that helps burn energy

Your anchor is a powerful internal motivator, using it will help you stay on track, maintain energy and get you to the finishing line! What is your anchor……?

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