A Winning Sales Approach

I have spent so much time over the last number of years speaking and lecturing on the topic of “what great selling looks like”. In a nutshell great selling is about:

– Finding problems and solving them

– Bringing added value that makes a difference

– Capturing the voice of the customer

– Living in the customer world

– Walking away if what you have does not align to the customer needs

– Building relationships that lead to “Lock In”

We have seen so much non sense in my view over the years around objection handling and closing techniques – most of which I disagree with (as per my recent blog) – tricks that aim to get people to buy things they don’t really need! Closing starts the minute a conversation starts – if you spend the duration of a meeting talking non sense – I remain to be convinced that some form of magic wand termed as a closing technique will do the job. Sell from the heart and believe in what you are selling – the best sales people I have met just love their proposition. This love translates in to a passion – the ultimate sales tool. Don’t be afraid of letting your customers know how much you love your propositions!

Breakthrough selling is significantly enhanced when our offering is differentiated– one that stands out from the crowd. This is the starting point, however on its own it’s not enough – sales supremacy is achieved when an organization can exhibit three core pillars, these include:

Functional Mastery – an intimate understanding of the market place, customer needs and how the products and services offered can solve problems.

Customer connectivity – an effective process for finding, reaching, winning and keeping customers

Momentum – fire in the belly and the desire to succeed at and individual and team level

Delivering great selling is based on FM x CC x M – score zero in anyone of these and the result is no new orders. Excel in each one and transformation soon follows!

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