Small company – punch above your weight!

Setting up a new company can be a daunting task. How do you differentiate? Stand out from the crowd? Overcome the challenges that come with the territory of an organisation that has no track record? No one really cares of what you did in the past, all that matters to your customer is that your are not going to let them down, go bust, or fail to deliver on time.

The secret lies in the company you keep and who you hang out with. If you are an ambitious start up find ways of aligning yourself to success and others with credibility (win-win is vital). This helps you punch above your weight and potential customers will be comforted with your partners. When I set up WP, I did it with my mate and top bloke Tony Walker from University of Manchester Incubation Company. Proving to him, WP was well meaning, no hidden agendas, focused on delivering results, passionate about helping entrepreneurs – it is assisted us gain credibility.

Punch above your weight, find the partners to align with and dont let them down – life is really very simple. Keep it simple and always stay close to your passion.

3 Responses to Small company – punch above your weight!

  1. Short, simple and effective message John, like it! Very true, create your networks, be around people that you respect and you’ll be surprised at the support (and respect you may not have expected) you will receive back.

    Make and keep your ‘Goals’ clean and easy to understand. Plan, Do, Review and Adapt.

  2. Neil Dutton says:

    Hello John, very well put, why do some folks make things so difficult?! Hope all goes well with you and WP

  3. pdinspire says:

    Hello John,
    Good short post. Networking at start-up essential. I’d expand and say visibility, marketing is an absolute must at start-up (well all the time really). Get your brand out and talked about.

    Stay focused on your aims, goals, ambitions. Work toward them and keep your team on message.

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