The Landing – MediaCityUK

This evening I went to the launch of The Landing in MediaCity. What a hidden global secret this is. Inspired by the entrepreneurial drive of a group of politicians, its something the North should be truly proud of. In the heart of Salford and home to the BBC (one of the biggest brands in the world), this place just blew my mind. It’s a hot spot for creativity, new thinking and provides space for world-class businesses to emerge. It’s a showcase, exemplar for the media and creative sector. I hope it will:

– nurture unreasonable individuals who want to change the world

– produce new high growth potential creative and digital entrepreneurs

– deliver job creation opportunities, notably higher paid jobs for graduates.

What really gets up my nose is, if this launch was down South the press, TV and heavy hitting politicians would have been there broadcasting to the world how great it is. Comparable smoke and mirrors initiatives in London/South have received so much press, and they are not a patch on what is going on in Salford’s MediaCity.

There is so much potential to build on in the Landing – please, Salford Council & partners shout just that bit louder because this asset will not only be a stimulus for the next generation of investors but it will unlock the energy of talented entrepreneurs just waiting for their time to come!

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