Confidence – The key to high growth

Confidence is a key element to going the extra mile. It is one of the key themes of my second book Success Factor – Master the Secret of a Winning Mindset. When you have confidence you feel that you can take on the world – but be careful that this confidence does not come across as arrogant – always underpin your outward facing energetic confidence with humility

Confidence can be viewed in context of two dimensions – the inner you and the professional you:

Inner confidence – your direction in life is clear and you are comfortable with the route its taking. By setting those intentions/goals and moving towards them you achieve a clear sense of purpose, this makes getting out of bed a pleasure. When you have real meaning you feel energised and motivated to get on with things. Confidence prevails because you know what you want.

Professional confidence – being the master of your trade, career, vocation or profession makes you confident when you interact with others. When you know your stuff and you are well prepared with your knowledge and expertise you do away with nerves associated with lack of understanding. You are confident in your approach.

Communication with others whether that be one to one or to a group becomes easier when you can tick the inner and professional confidence box.

When these two areas overlap you become comfortable with yourself and the challenges of life become exciting.

High growth entrepreneurs carry on growing when they are confident in their personal and professional abilities!


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