Freedom – A driver for all entrepreneurs

Why do people set up their own business? – earn loads of cash, pursue a passion, take advantage of a gap in the market place…the reasons are wide-ranging. In the US (particularly on the West Coast) a culture of entrepreneurship and being your own boss is very much the norm. In the UK, what’s the first thing that happens when you say you are going to set up your own business? Your parents are horrified and they go on to tell you that “you have gone mad!” Are you sure you know what you are doing? What about the kids? A fond memory of my late Dad who felt that all those years I studied chemistry at University had been wasted. A concern to Him was that I was about to put in danger the welfare of my family – His grandchildren. Those who care for us, family and friends, are the ones we turn to in times of need – all too often they are protective and want us to pursue the path of least resistance i.e stay employed, play it safe. So taking on the risk of going it alone is not a decision they are going to readily bless.

The words from the ones who care for us can be extremely powerful and in the extreme can hold us back – for many they do! The reality is most people who set up in business are doing it because they want freedom to make their own choices, pursue a dream and make their own decisions. It can be dangerous to listen to those we respect as they can put the brakes on our desire for freedom. Freedom in my view is why entrepreneurs do what they do. They want to make their own decisions – free spirits, difficult to control and unemployable!


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