Get stuck in

The speed at which 2012 has passed is unbelievable. During the year many entrepreneurs put their foot on the brakes, carefully monitored costs and kept their head well below the parapet. However, I have been very fortunate to be around a group of business people who have just carried on pushing forward with confidence, energy and enthusiasm. They have used their resources very wisely and spent time working on:

1. How to manage their personal time wisely – focusing on the vital few priorities rather than the trivial many 

2. How to apply creativity to customer satisfaction and marketing rather than just money – innovation is key to differentiation

3. How to create “space” to think about new ideas and strategies – all breakthroughs come from taking time to think

4. Focusing on the KPI’s – the dials on the dashboard that ensure the business stays on track

5. Developing themselves – personal development is the ultimate source of competitive advantage

6. Developing their teams and ensuring effective communication  – with staff and all stakeholders 

7. More doing and less talking – working on the basis that sometimes strategy is activity and tinkering (in times of uncertainty strategy is meaningless to a small business – experimentation and discovery is vital – an attitude of think, do, review moves us on)

8. Living in the “Customer Worlds” – wearing out the shoe leather, putting themselves about and working out needs and future requirements 

The lesson for ambitious entrepreneurs going into 2013 is train with the best and learn from them, practice and condition your thinking to success, prosperity and progression. 2013 is a year to build momentum.


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