Who motivates the motivator?

Building a company is not only tough from a business and commercial perspective it’s also really tough emotionally. I spend a lot of my time listening to entrepreneurs and it’s really interesting to hear about their journey, the trials and tribulations. The things that keep them awake at night – cash, staff issues, customer challenges, raising finance, building a great team, staying one step ahead of competition. The great entrepreneurial leaders I meet are the ones who keep positive and absolutely determined and enthusiastic about their vision. When they get kicked they get back up again and keep going for more….why is this? Well I think it’s because:

1. They are on a mission and there is no stopping them – clarity of purpose

2.They are passionate about what they want to achieve

3. They have got something to prove to themselves and very often others

4. They have no choice – their life and livelihood/family/personal assets are inextricably linked to business success

5. They have a clear exit point and/or their personal intentions are hard-wired to professional success

Whilst they keep up the smiling face in public, very often these individuals get ground down by the noise of their surroundings, people whingeing,  earache from all angles, staff issues, the internal saboteurs who’s only purpose in life is to stir up mischief. Against all the odds these great entrepreneurial leaders just keep going with positive words of encouragement to staff and customers they serve.

Every so often the emotional tanks of these guys are emptied. So who motivates the motivator? My recommendation is surround yourself with positive people avoid the negative individuals who infect your motivation and drain you of your energy. A mentor or someone you find inspiring helps to fill the tank, restores your energy and brings a sense of sanity.

Some people refer to coping strategies and this feels like a good way of thinking about dealing with the inevitable challenges that come with trying to build a great business. Think about your own coping strategies – as well as your mentor consider – a new hobby, reading, going to the gym, having a few pints with your mates, speaking to your peers….a form of escape that pumps you back up!

It’s important that the motivator maintains his or her motivation!

2 Responses to Who motivates the motivator?

  1. Eleni says:

    Hi John, my name is Eleni – Howards daughter, whom I believe you once worked with.
    Just want to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts, it has also been very helpful in regard to my coursework and a great source of inspiration.
    Keep up the good work, ‘looking forward to reading yet more posts.

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