Leaders must learn to coach

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs of growing businesses face is that of building a high performing team. So often founders fail to trust the judgement of individuals they employ or they consider others not to be as capable as themselves (self-awareness is a very important leadership attribute and very often founders lack it!)

The reality is people and teams operate with maximum impact when they are held responsible and accountable for their actions. When individuals feel that they have ownership of a task then there is a greater likelihood of it being successfully delivered. Empowering others means that you must dedicate time and energy to coaching staff and team. The busy day can all too often lead to us neglecting the personal development and training needs of others, particularly those that we need on side.

As a leader you must create space for coaching members of the team, ensuring they have the skills and motivation to perform the tasks needed to successfully grow. In your coaching role you must support others to achieve their goals, remembering these must clearly align to your own mission (win-win). Some simple steps can be followed in coaching others to perform:

Focus  and define – all coaching starts with a conversation, however it is vital to home aim on specific areas that need to be addressed. Aim to define very clearly key skills that need to be developed.

Explore the options– when the discussions become focused, explore the options and possibilities for what needs to be achieved. Challenge preconceived ideas. Lead by asking questions – don’t give answers

Action planning – get the detail on the table and work out what actions need to be implemented going forward – agree goals and don’t forget to write them down. There must be no confusion on what needs to be achieved

Remove hurdles – people will often see barriers and reasons not to change. Often these challenges are in the mind and don’t really exist. You must try to help individuals remove these hurdles.

Agree next steps – agree what has been agreed – actions and deliverables by when! Set a date to review the previous session. Stick to it

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