The Winning Sales Academy – Why?

We are in an era where growth seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Business owners are referring to a better economic climate and gearing up to take advantage of the up turn. In parallel, public sector policy makers remain focused on funding projects that will create new jobs. Whist it seems like a statement of the obvious but a company’s ability to grow is highly dependent on the quality of the entrepreneurial sales capability of individuals and teams. If an entrepreneur can’t sell then a business will not succeed, period. Business people regularly refer to the challenges they face when trying to recruit and retain high quality sales staff, they are difficult to find and when they emerge almost anything is done to keep them. In order for businesses to grow we must find a way for providing a strong pipeline of motivated, well-turned out ethical sales professionals who have passion and appetite to make a difference within the organisations that employ them.

One of the biggest problems with selling is, not many people like to do it and as a consequence they become a rare commodity. In the US sales staff are placed on a platform with other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, dentists and doctors in the UK a sort of stigma goes with the sales territory and consequently the new labels of business development manager and customer account executive feature in jobs advertisements. It will come as no surprise that having been in the job for 6 months the business development manager has not brought in one order, loads of relationships but no money. This is a wide spread problem is one that growth specialists Winning Pitch, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce are keen to address.

The Winning Sales Academy has been introduced to both professionalize selling and provide practical resources to create high performing sales individuals and teams. The Academy is built on the principles of my books Pitch Perfect and Success Factor. As a result of over 15 years of observational research on how the most talented sales individuals and entrepreneurs perform, these strategies, tactics and behaviours have been translated into a practical set of training courses, workshops, masterclasses and accredited courses. The sales principles that underpin the Academy have been embraced by thousands of individuals and businesses over the years – the resultant effect being growth in revenue, personal performance and confidence.

The Winning Sales Academy’s aims to create the sales stars of tomorrow as well as tuning up the performance of those operating today. Embedding entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets, which are key to high performance selling, will underpin the growth of new and existing businesses. In turn this will allow businesses to reach their full potential and create the much-needed jobs over the coming years.

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One Response to The Winning Sales Academy – Why?

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    I’ve registered John, if it gets too full with “real clients” let me know. I don’t want to hold back others who have a real need, I’m just looking for interest and promotion purposes. Hope to see you there.

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