A personal vision is vital – your business vision will follow

Your vision provides the blue print for a successful future. Without a clear vision of what you want to achieve don’t be surprised if you are left with a feeling of, what is my life all about? This applies to relationships, career or business. Distilling what you want helps to focus your energies and actions in the right direction, it’s the starting point of a journey towards personal and professional fulfilment – knowing your destination is half the journey. In creating a vision it is vital that you are precise about what success looks and feels like at some given point in the future. A clear vision can take time to crystallise, it involves allowing time for self exploration and discovery, consider:

  • What things are important to me?
  • Why are they important?
  • How will I feel if I don’t achieve my vision?

The reality is that many people spend their life discontent with their achievements and accomplishments, some talk about wanting more – but what does more mean? The feeling of having no direction is a common dilemma we experience in our careers and life. Not allowing time to answer deep searching questions around what is important will result in the sensations of lethargy, anxiety and inertia, a sense of wandering in the wilderness is a common feeling. As popular scripture states – “Where the is no vision the people perish”

Once we become spiritually connected to our vision and we commit to achieving what we consider important, life has an amazing way of giving you what you want. A vision can also be viewed as a strategic personal intention – everything you want to achieve flows from this intention. When we embed this intention into our subconscious mind synchronicity kicks in – circumstances, situations and events magically appear out of nowhere to assist in moving us closer to what we set out to achieve.

Your vision will become a source of inspiration, another way of looking at it is that it is your personal intention, and as with most things everything flows for this. Your vision also:

  • Creates a sense of direction and meaning
  • Helps you understand with clarity the relationships important for success
  • Provides momentum for change when we feel we deserve more
  • Creates a sense of what is important to your life
  • Provides a foundation for focused activity

The visioning process will help you start with the end game – what does success look like in 3 years time – a new job, new career or a growing business. Developing a clear vision requires clarity of thought – in developing your future aspirations you must be free from the fog that diverts our mind from seeing clearly what we truly desire – so take time out to think it through. When you have clarity of the outcome, reflect on where you are now – the way forward should become clearer!

One Response to A personal vision is vital – your business vision will follow

  1. Steve Heneghan says:

    Hi John, another good blog, I have copied a link over to the North West Coaching Circle page on LinkedIn, I hope that’s ok with you.

    I love the idea of having a personal vision, many of us who have worked in or with businesses will be aware of the importance of the business having a “Vision” and then there are all sorts of things that should be working with that vision within the company, for example all employees should know it and share in it.

    And the idea of the personal vision is extremely important. I have used variations of this in my coaching for years.
    How I use it depends on the client, what they are looking for, the rapport between us etc….so it’s not formulaic.

    But one way or another I will encourage them to think about “their movie of their future” and I tend to use the movie metaphor, even using that old chestnut “who would play you in a movie of your life” which gets their imagination flowing.

    The movie is their vision, the way they see themselves in the future, who else is in their movie, where will it be set, what is the soundtrack, what are other people saying, etc.

    From this movie, we can work on bringing it into “reality” in the form of a vision to live their life by.
    I might also continue some “character” development over the following sessions, this move they have imagined and they star in, what are the characteristics of the main character ? What values ? what strengths ?

    And as you say in your blog. once you become “connected” to this vision of the future, on an emotional level, it becomes compelling, the things that you need to make it happen start to show up.

    Great stuff John, keep up the blogging.

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