I Love Manchester

I was walking through town this morning and I have to say – what a great spirit of ‘fight back from descent’ there is. Hard working people who care about their City. In an age of doom and gloom we should pay as much time focusing on the positives, and what I saw this morning was exactly that – Albert Square was buzzing with activity and preparation. The posters in the windows and the people giving up their time, effort and energy to do stuff are a great antidote to the bunch of hooligans who want something for nothing.

The reality is hard graft always wins out in the end. I am particularly impressed by those retailers who have had their windows kicked, premises vandalized along with stock damaged or stolen and have quickly dusted themselves down and cranked up the till quickly.

As we have seen in Manchester on two occasions, adversity always brings out the best in the City; the bombings being the catalyst for the fantastic centre we now have, and the riots having brought people together to make a clear commitment that such non sense will not be tolerated. Who knows this could just be the catalyst for a block busting global business from Manchester City Centre…

Sort yourself out before you lead others


If part of our journey to success involves leading others we should firstly reflect on  – how effective are we in leading ourself? Do we have a framework within which we manage and lead our life? Do we have a written statement of what we believe in? or how we want to be perceived by others?

Many of us will work to a set of rules and guidelines that dictate how we behave and engage with colleagues, friends and our community. Individuals that go on to achieve long lasting sustainable success and personal growth have a moral compass embedded within their mindset, it governs how they lead their life – it also impacts significantly on how they lead others.

As part of your quest for success you should consider developing a personal creed – A Personal creed is linked to our vision however it is more about what we believe rather than what we want to become. A personal creed is a statement of belief about who you are. One way to think about a creed is as a blueprint for how we live our life.

A personal creed provides a guide for us on how to lead our life. It should become part of your mindset to navigate how we make decisions and take action. If we find our self wandering aimlessly through life, our creed helps us decide on which path for to follow. If you already have goals in life but come to a fork in the road, a creed makes it clear which way to turn. In constructing your own personal credo, think about the following:

  • How do you want to be of service to friends, family, colleagues and profession?
  • What is your promise to others?
  • How do you want others to describe what you do and what you are about?
  • What are the rules that govern how you deal with others?

In developing a credo you must be precise, otherwise you will create set of generic meaningless phrases that fail to capture the essence of who you are. Take time out to discover the real you. This provides the right foundation upon which to lead others.

Higher purpose equals greater success


There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that businesses with a soul or higher purpose perform better than those solely out to make profit.  I have also observed this with many individulas who have enjoyed sustained success over the  years – they feel what they do makes a massive difference to their customers, community and staff. I came across a great article the other day about Tom Monaghan – the guy who set up Domino’s pizza. A devote Christian who applied the principles of his Catholic faith to create a global empire. He talked about treating all human beings the same and his mission to bring pizza’s to everyones house was a driving force for his life’s mission. Its an amazing story of a man who never comprimised his principles to achieve monetary gain.

When you have that feeling of what you are doing has a purpose – it really does make business/life/career much easier. Align the things you do to passion and the results are amazing. Added to this when you integrate integrity into the services or products you offer – the money soon follows! Why is this stuff not taught in management courses!