Enthusiasm goes a long way


Enthusiasm is highly contagious and extremely powerful force you can use to build relationships and form new connections. It is far more pleasing to interact with individuals that are highly energised and motivated by what they do than spend time with people who seemingly just can’t be bothered. If you suppress your feelings about the things you love to do you run the risk of cultivating an image of apathy. It can result in others forming opinions that fail to do justice to you ability, skill and competence. – make your feelings come alive. Enthusiasm is the manifestation of your passion and it should be delivered with confident communication to those you wish to influence.

Fast track goals achievement by allowing your enthusiasm to rise to the surface, make it very clear to others how much a certain issue, topic or aspect of your vocation or professional life means to you. You do this by:

  • Projecting your voice clearly and articulate concisely your thoughts
  • Use open body language and gestures to show how you feel – be animated
  • Have opinions but don’t be opinionated, avoid being viewed as arrogant
  • Use visual aids and props to make key points come alive and engage with examples

Find the dividing line between enthusiasm and over zealousness as the latter can come across as an annoying. Behaving in this way can alienate others to your views as your zeal can be interpreted as pure rhetoric. Be aware of the audience you are interacting with and mindful of their personalities, if necessary curb the enthusiastic behaviour to suit personal preferences. Your enthusiasm and energy can be highly motivating for others when used carefully, it becomes an effective vehicle for adding value and demonstrating to others the difference you make. The spirit of enthusiasm clearly signals to others your zest for life, this in turn creates a charisma – remember charisma sells ideas, thoughts and plans!