Being part of a likeminded community helps you learn and move faster


In whatever arena you want to succeed you must identify and ultimately become part of the community where individuals with common interests share and connect with each other. In these communities you will meet like-minded people whose experiences, thoughts and attitudes could be of massive contribution to your own success. The entrepreneurial world has seen a dramatic increase in the number of business networking groups in recent year’s, these have acted as a source of personal and business development for ambitious people who want to progress their enterprise. These groups encourage networking and interaction – not only do they stimulate business activity, they also act as a portal of real life experiences, these can help in times when:

  • Difficult decisions have to be made
  • We really don’t know how to address a particular challenge
  • We are unsure as to which direction to take

Looking from a broader perspective, regions of social and economic deprivation have seen a rise in the number of community groups – their primary cause being to stimulate activity where residents can come together to focus their attention on self-improvement and making a success out of their life. Such projects encourage individuals to channel their passion into sporting, music and other activities – encourage solidarity and bar raising personal performances! It teaches individuals to extend their comfort zones and believe that life holds far more than the status quo.

You must ask yourself – how connected are you to your community? How visible are you in it? Do you participate? From the successful people I have had the privilege of meeting their achievements have been enhanced as a result of them being immersed in their community – participating gives us the opportunity to:

  • Mix with individuals who have similar aspirations
  • Build personal relationships that can be vital to you in times of need
  • Share your wisdom with them
  • Exchange contacts that offer mutual benefit

Don’t be a passive observer in your community network, be an active part and giver – this will come back to repay you many times over – be vocal, let your thoughts be known and immerse yourself in what is going on. In today’s rapidly expanding wireless environment these communities can be virtual as well as physical. The exponential rise in online communities created through Facebook, You Tube and Twitter provide alternative routes to getting involved – don’t ignore the opportunities these tools give you to accessing the “Connectors”. These are the people who open doors in the quest for success, they will emerge from your community.

It is vital that you get hooked in as being an active contributor will over time build a GCC –  “Golden Circle of Connectors” – people whose opinions and inputs you both trust and respect, most of all they help you to make things happen.

Get connected and start to build links with those communities that will help you to move forward!