Growth Businesses – locate the interference


I have read some great books over the past few days – high performance entrepreneurship being the main theme. Why ? Because this is what me and our business is in service of – Building high performing individuals and organisations, Helping SMEs grow lies at the soul of what we are about –  Living and breathing it, researching it and coaching it provides a great platform to have sensible and grown up conversations with ambitious individuals embarked on a mission to do remarkable things. The ability to empathise is so important!

Our belief is you can only teach high performance and growth if you have done it or are doing it – this provides us with confidence when in front of the people we serve. First hand experience of our own growth journey roller coaster and that of others translates into an authentic sense of understanding just how lonely the voyage can be. The wisdom of getting it wrong and observing how other got it wrong helps to provide a strong steer for the next time.

This leads me onto the point I want to make. Rasmus Ankersen’s new book – The Gold Mine Effect, has some really good insight on high performance – his thoughts and thinking resonate loud and clear. One of his theories albeit derived from other works relates to the notion of interference and how this stops many individuals and businesses delivering high performance on a consistent basis. He uses an equation which I have adapted because it makes more sense to me personally helps to demonstrate the point:

High Performance = True Potential – Interference (HP = TP – I)

When we experience no interference we deliver a high performing result equating to our true potential. However, sustaining this is extremely difficult as more often than not interference kicks in. With high growth companies my experience is this interference could be one or a collection of issues :

1. Ineffective leadership

2. Misaligned shareholder priorities (I am seeing more of this, why?)

3. Missing bits of a high performing team jigsaw (fire fighting people issues)

4. Ineffective sales and customer connectivity

5. Lack of vision and strategy

6. Poor performance management and financial control/forecasting

7. Lack of focus and effective execution of plans (too much talking not enough doing, just get on with it!)

8. Poor time management (closely related to 7)

9. Failure to display a strong point of differentiation

10. lack of passion in the business

The list goes on. Maybe one thing you should consider between now and the start of 2013 is “What is the interference holding you and your business back?” Ambitious people get mad with themselves when they fail to deliver a high performing result. When you think you have done everything possible and the outcome falls short of the desired intention, don’t kid yourself that it was out of your control – interference truly played its part. Very often you can control more of the performance variables than you think you can.  Make time to think about the interference potentially holding you back – self-awareness is a vital ingredient to the “high performance and growth recipe”.

Appointing a non executive director, strategic adviser or coach could help you to predict and ultimately eliminate the interference going forward.