Fusion – social media and traditional community building


Where would we be without LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? Has it wiped out traditional communication channels and networking activity, such as, picking up the phone or turning up to events and having a conversation? The power of these new channels accelerate discussions and several new books such as the The Shift by the brilliant Lynda Gratton almost tell us that we are moving into a radically different environment where traditional ways of working are defunct. Not sure I agree with this at all.

There is a great book by Henry Hemming – Together – How Small Groups of People Achieve Big things. In his book he talks about the revival of community. He gives some brilliant examples of how people with common interests come together to drive change – read the F.C United story, the break away group of Manchester United fans. This happened in an Indian restaurant in Manchester when a group of ex United fans that wanted change, and gosh did they achieve it!

I see it in my own environment with the establishment of a village community, events and local get together where residents are encouraged to have a conversation and get to know each other face to face.

In my business world – The High Growth Foundation we are launching tomorrow has attracted 200 delegates. A fusion of social media tools to engage communities online with the traditional coming together of individuals to have a conversation in my view is the way forward…they work hand in hand.