The Silver Bullets – Rules for Gazelles


Here they are, and they work!

  1. Create and craft differentiated propositions that stand out from the crowd – don’t compete on price, compete on difference
  2. Develop an effective vision, strategy and execute of a practical game plan – communicate this to the rest of your team – success is 20% thinking and 80% doing
  3. Drive innovation into the processes and functions of your company and always look at doing things differently
  4. Embrace change and see it as an opportunity to develop and introduce new propositions
  5. Build a great team – thinkers, sellers, doers and controllers – create a culture where values and behaviours are aligned to delivering great service both internally and externally
  6. Condition your mindset – coping with the challenges that come with growth means a Believe You Can (BYC) state of mind is vital
  7. Live in the “Customer’s World” and deliver services and products that capture their need and voice. Build long-term relationship and keep coming up with new ideas to address their challenges.
  8. Disciplined systems and processes need to be put in place – KPIs that provide a real time state of business health are vital. Key your eye on cash and how you finance your company. Get expert help.
  9. Become great at selling and put the sales engine in place – sales are the lifeblood of any organisations, sell what you believe in as well as the products and services you offer.
  10. Find connectors that can provide answers to the challenges you face – getting experienced mentors, coaches and non executive directors working to raise the bar of performance are an essential ingredient of success

Personal development is the ultimate source of competitive advantage – be aware of what you are good and bad at. Review how you are performing in relation to the Ten Silver Bullets !


Content is King..


We are in an age where digital marketing is so important to getting visibility with customers, decision makers and connectors – social media, Twitter, blogging, web sites and all that other good stuff. I come across so many entrepreneurs that spend a fortune on getting their web site designed followed by SEO advice…… goes on.

One thing that is so often overlooked yet pivotal to making a digital strategy work is content – written, video, audio! If you don’t regularly upload content, then no surprises, people stop visiting the site. It takes time, effort and energy to create content and without it your site will fail to gain traction.

Making time to write and prepare material is so important. Just writing this blog makes me realise how much energy is needed. Your web is the window on the world. Not adding new content is a bit like watching the same episode of Coronation Street every night after your tea – a bit repetitive and boring !

If you are committed to driving a digital media strategy forward then “Content is King” – an SME needs to be devoting at least 7 hours a week to creating new content. Hard graft but it has to be done –  along with all the other things!