You get what you focus on…


The importance of having a plan sounds like such a statement of the obvious, but how many of us in our business or personal life have one? At this time of year New Years resolutions are made – in my view nothing more than a wish list. By February most will have given up on them with an estimated 80% not even remembering what their goals were in the first place.

Whilst it is hard to move away from the term goal, I am trying my best to do so. People think they have goals but they don’t – why? – because are not hard wired into daily actions, this is why I prefer to use the term personal intention. This defines more precisely what you WANT!

Personal intentions have momentum and are limited to a vital few, rather than a trivial many. It’s impossible to focus on many things, so my advice is work out what 2 or 3 things you want to achieve and really focus on them. For 2012 I will be focused on 2 measurable intentions and the action plan to achieve them will benefit from a laser beam approach.

So my advice is, define your vital few intentions, write them down, create a plan, set KPI’s and review them daily and weekly. Get them hard wired into your system and focus – its amazing what happens.

Great ideas come from nowhere


Its so amazing how great ideas come into your mind when you are away from day to day fire fighting. I read the other week Eckhart Tolle’s book – Stillness Speaks – there is a fantastic line that goes “True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found” – how brilliant is that!?

Well this happened to me today. I was out on the Lancashire Moors first thing this morning walking my dog “Buddy”- great scenery, peaceful and quiet- when out of nowhere, 2 belting ideas flashed into my mind – I legged it back home to get them written in my journal, before I lost them. I think its so important to create time to connect with nature and the beauty of our surroundings – it really does open the door to new possibilities. How many of us just keep pushing away trying to solve problems when our minds are blinded by a state of “mental fog”