Why do staff just not get it?


I wish I had a tenner for every time I heard a business owner, entrepreneur or manager say this. It often relates to must do tasks such as bringing in projects in on time and budget, managing costs, chasing money or outstanding quotations, getting out important messages to customers, following up on important leads, getting quotations in on time, sorting out the hospitality of guests. Executing key business priorities that seem so obvious regularly remain a blur to those we expect to just get on with it. Well the first lesson is dont make the assumption that others do actually understand what is expected.

I believe effective leadership is all about helping staff to understand what and why certain tasks are important. It’s all about communicating the consequences of not fulfilling certain duties and the potential impact of not doing them. Communication must be delivered with clarity and candour.

Here is how a friend of mine who runs a small creative business delivered a communication to her sales manager “if you don’t hit the sales target for the next six months the business will struggle to deliver on revenue and profit targets, this has implication on the teams viability and jobs will be at risk, including yours. We will be reviewing performance every Friday afternoon”.

Seems such an obvious thing to do but the reality is many growing companies lack this discipline, much to the frustration of the entrepreneur. Being too busy is often cited as the excuse – there should be no surprises when the wheels come off. Fire fighting becomes a way of life

For businesses to succeed this level of focus is vital. Good leadership is about communicating with clarity what is expected and the reasons why. Ensuring conformity to the KPI’s and values is a leaders job.

So why do so many entrepreneurs live with lack lustre and mediocre performance, then fail to address important issues head on – they just moan about it and give themselves high blood pressure….