Corporate mindset .vs.entrepreneurial mindset

As I have started to become more active in working with large corporate businesses I am finding the mindset of their respective managers is somewhat different to that of their counterparts in smaller entrepreneurial companies.  (Up to £10M is my usual place of work).

I think there is so much that big can learn from small and small can learn from big. For example in the smaller entrepreneurial SMEs I deal with innovation and the ability to move fast are very common features. I also find that the leaders/founders of SME’s have a deeper connection with vital issues such as cash flow and how much is in the till at the end of the month. In larger organisations discipline, procedures and processes can stifle innovative thought, however strategic thinking often underpins decision making –  shear size nature of these organisations dictates this is the way it should be! I still believe in certain businesses jobs for life mentality still exists – this breeds complacency and a staleness which in turn will lead to decline

If we could combine the two mindsets and approaches –  entrepreneurial flair from the SME with that of strategic thinking and  process from the large corporate then surely we have a recipe for success! For all of UK plc


One Response to Corporate mindset .vs.entrepreneurial mindset

  1. Geoff Balfour says:

    Hi John, I could have a long discussion with you on this one and its a yes &no. It just so happens I am right now in a costa coffee waiting to meet someone. As I wait I am reading. Your fast growth fieldbook. Having also read (much of) the successfactor I see lots of structures and disciplines that corporates would love to achieve. Hey Ho here we go. Thanks for everything and have a good weekend. Geoff Balfour

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